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I’ve had tumblr for ages, but have never actually used it. I guess it was dubious about its actual point, but i can see it has one now. So yeah i got tonsillitis again and whilst lying in bed deaf and dead I finally rammed a few things on and made a second one too. So introducing tumblr one:

This one just collates loadsa reference imagery my computer is clogged up with. Drag and dropping can fill a laptop fairly quickly i assure you. And tumblr two:

This one is just full of my less mature, but equally valid interests. I thought it best to separate the two as they’re really differently themed. Anyway so yeah that is that. While we’re at it here are some links to my friends tumblrs:

Alice’s Tumblr; NKOYORJ Ryan’s TumblrJames Batley’s Tumblr + finally Andrews smut tumblr; Axe Wielding Mother Fucker.



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love’d lovebox, check out Catherines photos from our day on Sunday. There are two posts here & here. And check Alices online muse response to our trip here!

photos all of course property of Catherine Scrivener extraordinaire.


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Its no secret that i detest my current occupation: working in a shoe shop, but i do quite like shoes.

As of tomorrow i shall serve no more shoes and just move them around in the stockroom all day instead, LG. xxx

Cappuccino’d be nice

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Following on from my Red Dwarf post, i have another comedy wardrobe i’d like to appreciate. Nighty Night is something i recently became addicted too and stars Julia Davis as the amazing Jill Tyrrell. It also stars Ruth Jones and Angus Deayton and Rebecca Front. Here are some of my favourite ensembles Jill wears through the series, a classy chic look book if you will, of a west country fashionista.

“Would you stomach a bit of tongue don? we’ve got ox, lamb, dear, sheep, and that one is duck”

If you have not watched either series of Nighty Night i suggest you do and do it multiple times. My next series is probably gonna be Kath and Kim, but it’s hard to know where to start to be honest

The boys from the Dwarf

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Recently i finished reading Red Dwarf (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers). Everyone knows I love comedies from a decade ago that everyones kinda over,  but im slow so whatev. Well Red Dwarf is one of these comedies, so after raiding my brother dvd’s at home in Scunthorpe i watched all the eps over again. This post is a double Rimmer salute to some of my favourite costume choices on red dwarf.

These are some screen grabs from the first 3 series. After some research i discovered Jackie Pinks got the original costume department (series 1/2) entirely from one shop in afflecks palace called cafe society. I imagine i have been inside, if its in afflecks, but im not sure which shop it is.

Last year i did a little work on a costume department  with Heidi Bivens for a pilot called Documental. The pilot was directed by and also starred Justin Theroux aswell as Steve Coogan, but sadly i dont think it aired. But yeah it was a great experience as briefly as it was, and really interesting to see it the thought that goes into this part of the character design. I found this snap online from the Pilot, but cant remember where.

Anyway laters smegheads

Mays favourite expense

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To celebrate my pay rise at work, i bought these swimming shorts with my dollar. They’re by Gary Card and i ❤ them dearly. Just need to go on holiday or something now?



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